Breakfast menu

360 g PRECEDENS breakfast & coffee

2 eggs in a pan, butter, cheese, ham, tomato, jam, baguette, homemade bread

400 g English breakfast & coffee

2 wieners, crispy bacon, 1 egg in a pan, eidam cheese, butter, jam, toast, baguette, homemade bread

400 g French breakfast

Homemade sweet strudel, ham, cheese, mozzarella, tomato, butter, jam, baguette, homemade bread

290 g Full breakfast

Variety of egg meals (ham & eggs, bacon & eggs), omelette, scrambled eggs with onion, fresh vegetables, butter, jam, baguette, homemade bread

300 g Sweet breakfast

Porridge (cinnamon or fruit or chocolate), butter, jam, honey

400 g Fitness breakfast

Yoghurt, müsli, fruit, honey, jam

Breakfast drinks

0,20 l Juice (orange, apple, multivitamin)
0,20 l Mineral water
0,20 l Milk (hot, cold)
0,20 l Tea
0,20 l Breakfast coffee

Price of the breakfast menu is 5,00€

Prices include VAT and are valid since 01.04.2015

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